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Steve Darrow

Steve Darrow - LCSW

Steve Darrow, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating adolescents and adults who struggle with addiction problems associated with substance abuse.  He operates the Target Relapse Prevention Program and facilitates relapse prevention groups. Steve Darrow has been helping people in Santa Clara County since 1996.

Steve Darrows services are such that clients can maintain their employment and daily life pursuits while getting help. He offers daytime and evening appointments that make it convenient for any clients schedule. There is a client-centered approach which offers freedom for individual decision-making. Steve Darrow frequently recommends the attendance at support group meetings, as an adjunct to treatment, but because there are many ways for folks to recover, honors whatever decision the client may make. Each person has a challenge to own their recovery.

Psychotherapy Specialties:

Theoretical Approach

Steve Darrow LCSW uses various approaches depending upon the client problem. He uses cognitive therapy when it appears that this approach will be helpful for clients. Cognitive therapy is generally used when clients have challenges in the area of their thinking or managing their feelings. He has also used behavioral interventions in which certain behaviors are practiced in session. Steve Darrow LCSW also offers behavioral assignments for ongoing learning between sessions.

Steve Darrow LCSW utilizes the psychodynamic theory when working with people in an insight oriented manner. Psychodynamic theory, at a basic level, looks for motivating factors beneath the thinking, feelings and behavior, and seeks to address these motivations. Clients can then use this new understanding of themselves in the process of change.

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The Target Relapse Program

Steve Darrow LCSW has undergone training (1996) with Terence Gorski as an Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist, and has since offered the Target Relapse Prevention Program.

This program equips clients, who are recovering from drug/alcohol addiction, with tools in order to manage life without drug or alcohol use. A workbook is utilized and homework assignments are given.

The active components of the Target Relapse Prevention Program are:

  • Self Monitoring
  • Stress Management
  • Identification of High Risk Situations
  • Written Exercises
  • Understanding of Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAW)
  • Understanding of the process of relapse
  • Identification of your personal Relapse Warning Signs
  • Recovery planning

The Target Relapse Prevention Program operates with clients on an individual basis with sessions occurring either once or twice per week. This program will take a minimum of 16 sessions to complete. By the end of the program you will also have a written plan to manage the Warning Signs when they are activated to maintain your recover.

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