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Steve Darrow, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating adolescents and adults who struggle with addiction and problems associated with substance use. He operates the Target Relapse Prevention Program and facilitates relapse prevention groups. He also offers therapy on an individual, couple, and family basis. Steve Darrow has been offering his services to folks in Santa Clara County since 1996.

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Professional History

Steve Darrow LCSW attended undergraduate and graduate school at San Diego State University. He began his training, in 1985, as a volunteer Crisis Counselor at the Help Center/San Diego Youth and Community Services in San Diego. Mr. Darrow counseled clients who called on the hotline or who walked in to the agency for a period of two years. It was this experience that prompted Mr. Darrow to enter his Masters Degree Program in Social Work.

Through his Masters Program, Steve Darrow interned for two years at UCSD Gifford Mental Health Clinic and treated those with Chronic Mental Illness. After receiving his Masters Degree in Social Work in 1989, he went to work for Child Protective Services in San Diego County. While working for the county, Mr. Darrow took on a post-graduate internship at Counseling and Recovery Institute to gain focused training with those recovering from drug/alcohol addiction.

In 1993, Mr. Darrow obtained his License in Clinical Social Work from the State of California. Subsequently, he took a job at a psychiatric hospital in Walnut Creek and then moved to San Jose, in 1994, to work at the SouthBay Conditional Release Program.

In 1996, Mr. Darrow underwent training with Terence Gorski to become an Advance Relapse Prevention Specialist and then opened a part-time private practice. He was awarded a contract by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (DADS) in Santa Clara County to design and implement a drug/alcohol education program for teens that are on probation. Mr. Darrow has been in full-time private practice since 2001.

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Steve Darrow LCSW was hired as a contractor in 2001 by the Children, Adolescent and Family Division of the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (DADS) to design and implement a Relapse Prevention Group for adolescents who were on probation in Santa Clara County. All teens had been picked up for a charge involving a substance and were involved in the Juvenile Treatment Court. After identifying that teens on probation were not prepared for a Relapse Prevention focus, Steve modified the program to become a Drug and Alcohol Education Program. This group operated on a twice per week basis for a period of approximately 3 years. Pre and post test research was conducted on this group to establish its effectiveness.

Steve Darrow has conducted the following seminars for Continuing Education Units training for professionals:

  • How People Grow
  • Turning your Boulders into Pebbles
  • Boundaries
  • Saying No and Meaning No!
  • Trends in Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Walking Lightly

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