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What is an LCSW?

LCSW, stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In order to become an LCSW a person must first obtain a Bachelor's Degree, then a Master's Degree in Social Work. After achieving the Master's Degree, an LCSW must work under supervision for a total of 3200 working hours before becoming eligible to take the California State licensing examinations. Once the licensing exams have passed, then a person can be referred to as an LCSW.

You may think that Social Workers may only work for Child Protective Services, or some other agency. While some Social Workers operate in these jobs, other Social Workers have a more clinical focus. Because I had the desire to become a therapist, I took my Social Work training and then sought more clinical experience.

Social Workers are trained in the Psychosocial Theory which seeks to meet every client in their situation and use interventions that fit the client. Social Workers are trained to look at the clients overall situation from a variety of angles to determine the most effective interventions first. Interventions can be addressing issues in an office and others can be encouraging the moving of a residence. Social Workers also utilize other community resources and frequently refer to them as a way of maximizing the efficiency of the interventions and aiding the client toward their goals.

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