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Social Workers are trained in the Psychosocial Theory which seeks to meet every client in their situation and use interventions that fit the client. Social Workers are trained to look at the clients overall situation from a variety of angles to determine the most effective interventions first. Interventions can be addressing issues in an office and others can be encouraging the moving of a residence. Social Workers also utilize other community resources and frequently refer to them as a way of maximizing the efficiency of the interventions and aiding the client toward their goals.

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When do I know its time to seek counseling?

People are encouraged to seek help when either life situations become overwhelming or when a problem negatively impacts either work or important relationships. Many times people reach out to friends or understanding family members in order to make it through difficult times and this can adequately meet the need. Other times friends and family may have limitations in helping. This is a time when a compassionate and objective counselor may be of service. Even when counseling begins, there will still be a place for friends and family to help, but the specialized services of a counselor can bring about healing so that you can return to your life with knowledge and confidence.

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When should I seek help for a drug or alcohol problem?

Drug or alcohol use becomes a problem when it impairs your life and keeps you from pursuing your goals. Frequent and habitual use of drugs or alcohol can negatively impact work, school, home or relationships. There can also be legal consequences. Have you experienced a greater tolerance (needing more and more for your desired effect) for your drug or alcohol? Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms? Have you drank or used more than you have intended? Have you had any physical symptoms? These are all questions to consider when deciding to get help for your problem. Calling to get an assessment will be a good first step.

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What about the fee? Do you charge insurance?

The fee is established between Steve Darrow and each client. Steve Darrow LCSW does not belong to any insurance panels and does not charge insurance. He will offer you a statement after each month that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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